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I love this so much. Well done. More of this please, @dreamcatchersda.
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@NicoleKidman, @Charlizeafrica and @MargotRobbie are great with trivia, but not so good with balloons.
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Their movie is spectacular, and all 3 of them are too. #BombshellMovie @charlizeafrica @nicolekidman @margotrobbie
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Words to live by.
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#repost @portiaderossi ・・・ ...she always makes me see the fun in things I would generally take seriously...she always makes me laugh 😆 @theellenshow @theellenfund #gorillapalooza
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Tomorrow, 3 of the most talented women in Hollywood are sitting next to 1 of the world’s greatest kazoo soloists. I’m not saying who’s who. @NicoleKidman @Charlizeafrica @MargotRobbie
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#repost @the_cat_named_carrot ・・・ Carrot watching @the@theellenshow #cat#catweek video this morning. We learned three days ago Ellen loves Carrot. Even writing a comment on Carrots photo on Friday that said, “I look at this instagram all the time.” So I told the girls this morning how Ellen loves Carrot and does Cat Week. I pulled up cat week videos to show them and apparently Carrot really enjoyed watching them too. She jumped up there herself to get best seat in the house. So we watched a bunch of #catweek videos and Carrot couldn’t get enough of them. I think Carrot can become the next cat week sponsor. 😹 📺🐈🥕 🐾😸@the_cat_named_carrot @theellenshow @bailey_no_ordinary_cat @cats_of_instagram @cat@catconworldwide @peo@peoplepets @gato_cats @catconworldwide @andyylassner01 @catstermag @peoplepets @instagram @bethostern @msjennafischer @mandymooremm @andersonanimalshelter
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