"Sometimes we just need to push each other"..💕💕💕 . This is what BooBoo told me after we left @planetfitness .... I took a 2 hour nap cuz I've been tired and I pulled an ass muscle ((well it's super sore for some reason))🤷🏻‍♀️... and I just didn't want to go... He literally asked me like 3 times about going and was super sweet and I (stomped..lol..jk) went & I felt better after... I mean...let's be real I'm still gonna go home and sleep!.. it's 9:46 p.m.... . #workout #workoutdone #imtired #check #keto #ketotransformation #juliejohnnieketo #together
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Lol it was #legday but I was feelin’ the pose and arms when I took the pic! 💪 Anyways my booty needs some work y’all!! Let’s just call this my before photo for that 🍑 cuz its there but it needs a lift and a little umph 🔥!! 🤨😜
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