I was procrastinating today but went on insta and saw how many of you ladies had alrwady finished week 6! I’ve done all 4 resistance now and have hiit and liss left for tomorrow. Half way through the challenge! #fitnessmotivation
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Late night LISS session in the books. Just full body and another round of cardio left to wrap up week 6 🥳
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I found this picture on the left today and it brought tears to my eyes. (Content warning: restrictive eating habits) This time last year (left photo was taken March 2018) I was battling with my self image and fighting my body, fighting my hunger, fighting the urge to eat more when I wanted to weigh less. During the day, I would get up and walk laps around the antique mall I worked at to get as many steps as I possibly could. I was so small, I had to wear a coat (some days I would wear two) even when the heater was blowing directly on me. Most days, between 10am-6pm, all I would eat was a banana and a protein bar. I was proud of myself. That's what makes me saddest. I thought my ability to control what I ate was a sign of commitment and determination. I thought I was SO strong simply because my abs were so prominent... When in reality, the visibility of my abs meant I was WEAK. Starved. Hungry. Cold. I thought I was honoring my body by exercising, but then I went and tore it down by strictly controlling everything I ate. Let me say this -- there is no freedom in restriction. There is no joy in obsession. There is no celebration in weakness. And girl, stop telling yourself you need to lose those "few extra pounds." You need to FIND the JOY in loving your body and fueling it well. Abs are not synonymous with health or strength. Weight is not synonymous with worth. Restriction is not synonymous with celebration. So stop fighting with your body and learn to truly LOVE it. Fuel yourself well, get in some daily movement, and realize that you are BEAUTIFUL with or without abs. ❤️ #bbg #sweat12wc #bbg2019 @kayla_itsines
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Yesterday’s lunch and today’s Full Body workout are two of my favorite things this week. 😍💕🔥 . My salad lunches tend to be repetitive, I just change the protein. But it’s what works for me, and I find it more sustainable than making more complicated recipes with ingredients that are not easily accessible. ☺️ Give me a long list of ingredients and you’ve lost me. 😂 Keeping it simple and doable. 💕 . . #myfitnessjourney #selflove #selfcare #fullbodyworkout #bbgweek8 #bbg2019 #bbgnewbie #bbgmom #bbgmoms #bbgmums #bbggirls #bbgmomsover30 #bbgcommunity #bbgcommunityph #kaylaitsines #sweatapp
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Taekwondo for LISS again tonight. Feeling weighted down and tuck from my week’s eating but SO proud of myself for killing the exercise all week. NSV - I am refusing (and don’t really want) to ‘punish’ myself for bad food choices with a pint of B&J tonight. Excited to start to move beyond sabotaging habits ❤️ - - #bbg12weekchallenge #bbgprogress #bbgcommunity #bbgjourney #bbgfit #bbgforlife #bbg2019 #bbgbeginner #sweat12wc #sweat12weekchallenge #sweatapp #sweat2019
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The SHOULDER TAP CHALLENGE courtesy of @brooklyn_pwr_girl. We’ll file that under “but did you die?” Along with Week 30 Legs which were 🔥🔥 • Now home to my babies! Happy Friday, y’all! • #pwr#pwrprogram #kelseywellspwr #swe#sweatunity #girlswholift #momswholift #pwr #pwr2019 #pwr12wc #sweat12wc #sweatapp #sweat #pwr#pwrhouston #pwrhouston #pwrhtx #pwrbabes #pwrmoms #balancingfit2019
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