Nhớ hồi cấp 3 siêng năng lắm mà taaa.. 😪 #remember #cla#class #class #friends #rememberme #hiuhiuwazzup #friendly #pho#photo #photo #sunset_pics
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Old times: as a teenager my eating habits werent healthy at all. Almost every day we drove to McDonalds to buy chicken nuggest burger and ice cream. I usally drink fanta or other limonade full of sugar. And I love chips and chocolate. Miraculously I didnt get fat but my body didnt get many vitamins and nutrition. Today I couldnt eat like this again. I enjoy healthy food and its the main part of every dish and snack. Naturally I allow myself sweets and some times even fast food or chips, but they arent regular any more. #food #habits #eating #eatinghabits #fitfood #fastfood #remember #fitlife #healthylifestyle
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Massebah. . My first thought at seeing the stones set up in the mountain-top was of altars and sacrifice. Considering the ancient stories of why stones like this were gathered and assembled, the more common theme is "massebah." . Pillars, stones of rememberance. Rememberance of promises made and covenants fulfilled. Of miracles and wonders. Of faithfulness—indelible faithfulness—that endures through generations, through human failure, through fire and flood and war. . Pillars, stones of thankfulness. Monuments that stands as reminders to tell their stories again and again, passing on those remembrances to the next generation, to those who were not present, to all travelers who pass by. . What stories, what acts of divine faithfulness would you raise pillars or set up stones to remember for a hundred-hundred years?
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