If you’re having a bad day,dye your hair pink!🌸 — No but serious ,if you had a crazy crazy year,month,week,day full if shit happening i feel ya,always do you ,don’t give up,be the strongest you can ever be,pick yourself up pamper yourself,do things you love and keep yourself busy.👍🏼wish you all the best and I promise everything will be ok!❤️ Show some love by leaving cute hearts in the comments!❤️🧡💛💚💙💜
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🎼MALAMENTE 🎼 Tra, trá Mal, mu mal, mu mal, mu mal, mu mal... Y así; a lo loco, en mitad de Alloza ocurre este momento. Pedazo de sudadera de la increíble @rosalia.vt para @pullandbear que te hace sentir consentida con sentido. Y ya puedo llevar cosido un punto negro, que me va bien. ¡Tira! Quillo!!! 📸Súper fotazos de los artistas @sahba_visual 🙌🏻🔥👌🏻 #pullandbearcommunity #pullandbearbyrosalia
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Just Cos u Watch that dont Mean u can see . Think about it . . . . . . @bershkacollection #bershkastyle @pullandbear #pullandbearcommunity
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Los lunes en rosa son menos lunes 💖🦄 #pullandbearcommunity #pinklady #pinklife #lookstyle
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