I have something roaring within me that wants to get out. 🔥 You may have remembered my resolutions posts from earlier this year. . I now have a new piece of the puzzle to share with you all. 🔥 Tune in tomorrow 3pm ET for why the REAL New Years is tomorrow, and why it’s the perfect time to recommit and reevaluate for yourself. . Maybe you started a resolution, maybe it wasn’t quite right, maybe you need to adjust and recalibrate, maybe something else has been coming through for you. . That’s perfect. . I can’t wait to share everything I have for you and to recommit to what’s most true for me, too. . Tune in 3pm ET. . Until then...send me a message on how it’s all been going for you. Xx . . . #resolutions #goals #newyear #newyears #newyears2019 #newyearsresolution #newyearnewme #newyearsgoals #newyearresolution #imbolic #groundhogday #truetoyou #truetoyourself #ownyourpower #ownyouryear #transformation #healing #healingjourney #spiritualwisdom #spiritualwarrior
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January.... and it feels like it's half way through the year already. Never has a new year held more promises than this 2019. Year of big decisions. Changing narratives. People's power. Disruption. Never mind the small SHAKINGS we see now. The people's will shall prevail. #rmdsaysso #yourvoteisyourvoice #nolimits #ownyouryear #nolele Photo @libraneyephotography bracelets @wickeedstones
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2019 is your year, and time to tackle your home endeavors! #ownyouryear
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So, I looked out the window this morning the sky looked so incredibly lit with color it was like that perfect shot 📸 (although I didn’t have my camera on me) 🙄 . I thought of how fast seasons come and go- we are ONLY >>5️⃣7️⃣<< days away from the next season- the season most of us love and cannot wait for- a time to start new for most it starts on January 1st , however, for many of us I think Spring also brings the moments when we all want to begin something new in some area of our life – It can be a simple reminder of a new beginning- 💭 . – Life is a fast moving force- it doesn’t stop for anyone or anything. With a simple moment of reflection over your own life – of where you are currently at, and where you would like to be + the decision to act – can rouse a change just. like. that. to occur . . That change can take us from THAT place ➡️ to another place ➡️ and from there you keep going ➡️ and you keep growing⬆️ and you keep yourself in a forward motion and it doesn’t stop because you have momentum now and it becomes a pattern of not standing in that one place with no movement but continually stepping from one moment to the next – in a state of assurance that it is bringing you closer to the destiny that is ahead of you. One step at a time… . The smallest action can be the biggest leap- which could be the leap that takes us right where we are supposed to be. . With ALL OF THAT being said, haha 😆 – may YOU have a thought-filled Tuesday with an expectation of GREATER things to come – when WE put action behind our ideas, plans and goals. [note to self 📝] . 2019 - #OwnYourYear #OwningMyYear #SpringSeason ☀️#BringYourDreamsToLife 🌷#NewBeginnings #LookingAhead ➡️
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July 2014 thru January 2019- this is through a long divorce, months/years of emotional anxiety, a move, three job changes, dealing with things no one should. I say that to say that the change can’t be dependent on an emotional state, a perfect time, perfect situation. Those are all excuses, I know that because I used them for 6 years to hide the fact I was depressed. This has to be rooted in something different, in something with substantial meaning for you. Motivation is a falsehood because when things stall or you fail it goes away. Dedication is the only thing that will last. I do this for me (my sanity) and to be here for my little girl. No magazines, no photo shoots, no competitions, no team support, nothing other than being better. Be proud in the things you’ve accomplished. No matter how small the step is as long as it’s a step forward you’re winning. I promise it will lead to something great and you’ll meet some awesome people along the way. Some of the best people I have met and are now friends have been at the gym. #fittransformations #weightlosstransformation #fitdad #weighttraining #longjourneybutworthit #stillgrindingtho #daybydaystepbystepbrickbybrick #dothehardnottheeasy #ownyouryear #dontlistentothehate #beyouandloveyou #physicallymentallyemotionallystrong #blessed #livingmylife #helpwatchormovethefuckover
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#2 of #Lhw52BooksIn52Weeks2019 done. This is another of those books I’ve had for more than 5 years but never read. Am I not glad I decided to read it so early in the year! . . Predictable Results in Unpredictable Times is about four essentials for getting great performance in good times and bad; in other words, what you need in order to win in any environment. . . These principles can help companies win regardless of the turbulence of the ride or the stock of overwhelming change. Scroll👉👉👉 to see the details of the principles. . . Read this book and learn how you can predict your results in these unpredictable times we are living in. The lessons herein can be your first guide on how to #OwnYourYear as a company. . . Unfortunately I don’t have a soft copy of this book to share with the reading group on Telegram (link in my bio). However, you can order your copy online from Amazon. #2019MaximumImpact #IgniteInspireInfluence  #ReadBooks  #LhwBookClubs #ReadToLead #52BooksIn52Weeks2019 PS: Full article on how you can apply the principles as an individual is on my website. Wrote it for The Guardian On Sunday, 13.01.2019 under my column #ThoughtsInWords. (Link in bio). Read the article and thank me later.😉😉
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Yes you ! I am talking to you !! Is today “DAY ONE!!”? • • • Or are you still saying “ONE DAY?” The biggest and best thing is, you decide! Today is DAY ONE 🌟 Day one that I do everything I possibly can each day to strive to hit my goals that I set for myself personally. 🎯 Today is day one of me helping my business partners achieve their goals. 👭👫👫 Today is day one is starting to giving back what I can each month to my community and those in need.🙋🏻‍♀️🙇🏻‍♀️ Today is day one of anything and everything that I want to achieve in 2019 🗓 So I ask you is today day one? Or one day. #YouDecide #YourDestiny #YourFuture #Your2019 #OwnYour24 #OwnYourYear #TakeResponsibility #NoExcuses #HelloGorgeous #coffeeTime
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HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! In 2018, we met with over 10,000 women at our live events around the world! We're going on tour again this year. Let us know what city you'd like to see us in the comments below!
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