I’ve lost a lot of my psych for climbing recently, so I’ve been lifting for the past couple weeks. . Can I just gush- it is SO satisfying!! But I need help/ advice. Everytime a start deadlifting close to 200lbs, I get a shoulder or lower back injury. Any advice for folks that know what they’re doing, and can give me some preventative advice . First off, is my form correct? What should I focus on to ensure correct form? Should I use a lifting belt? . My goal is to be able to comfortably do 1.5 body weight; and I’m almost there, and would love any advice! . #trainingforclimbing #advice #liftingadvice #deadlifts #getstrong
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How often should you change up your workout routine? 🤔 —— ⭐️It’s important to not change your routine too often as you need time to focus on your form, technique and gradually increasing weight! ! ⭐️So don’t change your workout every time you go in to the gym if you want to see results; instead focus on perfecting your routine and than when you’ve got it perfect go ahead and switch things up💛💛 —— ⭐️The optimal time it takes to perfect a routine and for the body too get used to it is between 4-6 weeks; so the best time to change your split is, you guessed it, every 4-6 weeks⭐️ —— I just added this superset to my bum routine, which I do twice a week, to switch things up✨ . If you’re in need of some new inspiration of exercises follow my page I am constantly posting full workouts and free advice! ! —— - #wor#workoutvideo #dailymotivation #strongwomen #workoutinspo #workoutroutine #freeworkout #freeworkouts #dailyworkouts #freedailyworkouts #freenutritionadvice #nutritionist #healthy #healthyishappy #healthfirst #trythis #workout #fitness #weightlifting #healthydiet #healthylifestyle #balance #liftingadvice #liftingfacts
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#GVT progression. Hopefully it moves this fast at 100kg. I got all year.
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My first attempts at deficit deadlifts. I hurt my back last week while deadlifting like a moron so I had to take it easy. This is only 225 but it felt good on my back so I decided to just stick with it. My leg is still messed up so I'm trying to train smarter and take easy. I'm trying to concentrate on just my form and not so much the weight and I noticed I could use some work on my breathing and bracing. #liftingadvice . . . . . . . . . . . #amputeestrong #amputeeathlete #amputeelife #amputeeswholift #powerlifting #veteranswholift #belowkneeamputee #nevadaamputee #deadlifts #deficitdeadlift #motivation #gymeveryday #nodaysoff #gymlife #consistencypaysoff
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🏋️‍♂️💪IT'S ALL ABOUT WARMIES💪🏋️‍♂️ . . Don't neglect your warm up at the start of your session. It's not only dangerous to jump straight into a heavy workout, but it could also be the reason that you're missing lifts. . . Some view a warm up as wasting energy, as though because no exercise has been done yet, we are at our peak energy level and can lift heaviest right away. Sadly, this isn't the case. We need to build up to that peak performance level by (you guessed it) warming up first. . . Once the muscles are warm and the blood's flowing, we're ready to go. This is the point when the body is ready to lift heavy and will be at it's most efficient. . . Warming up is also key for injury prevention and to ensure the longevity of your lifting life. Making sure you warm up properly can keep you lifting heavy right into the later years of life, keeping you healthier for longer. . . All about the warmies.
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In this video @aistearmorain discusses the RDL, specifically he talks about knee position just how much bend in the knee we'd like. Now the amount of bend in your knee really is dictated by the exercise that you're doing. So if you're doing an RDL you want a soft knee. So you don't want to be going into a squat position like this that has a lot of bend in the knee. You want a soft knee, and then when you start to initiate your hinge, that knee doesn't bend any further. When you get a stretch in the back of the legs, stretch in the hamstrings, that's when you come back up. A lot of people will make the mistake of getting the initial movement right, but then when they get down to here they start to bend the knee, and the bar starts to sit on the quads. If you ever feel like the bar is sitting or resting on your quads, you've got too much bend in your knee.
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BENCH PRESS TIPS! 1- Feel yourself "coiling" up..or getting tighter ready to spring up. Think of a snake about to attack. 2- Drive your feet into the ground, it helps me to start flexing my legs as i lower the bar. 3- Grip the bar as hard as you can and think STRONG. #benchpress #buildachest #che#chest/a> #tips #liftingadvice #strength #pow#power #powerlifting #power #getswole #chest #pecs #gorillastrength #bendthebar #bodybuilding #howtolift #howtobench #fitlife #fitfam #instafit #ttanknation #dailytips #followformore #benchbetter #saiyanstrength #powerpoints
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