I get very real goosebumps when I eat a pizza and my first thought is "can this get any better?" @dimitrispizzeria is the perfect bite that's all bark — super interesting toppings and takes on classics that are both delicious and inoffensive to anyone who thinks they know their s*** when it comes to pizza. Top billing to the super pliable "slow dough", a dough that rides a healthy fermentation wave making the digestion process easier than a can of beans. *Note this was a takeaway experience - be back for the full, sit in menu soon.
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Wowie better keep safe out there dudes 🔹 🔹 🔹 🔹 #bruh #seed #letsgetthisbread #yoink #lol #meme #wtf
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The cutest bread ever... also Brooke and a piece of bread are here too #letsgetthisbread
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