I believe Spartan Races + CrossFit have become so popular BECAUSE people are dying to be challenged in a world that - for most of us - is painfully SAFE. One of the great paradoxes in life is that you never know what you are capable of until you are tested. But people avoid hard things & struggles because it's uncomfortable, it hurts, & you sometimes realize you *aren't* who you thought you were in the midst of the fire. They'd rather surround themselves with YES-people, hear themselves talk about ideologies, + pretend everything is perfect rather than learn the truth (but then have the choice to change it). .⠀ People work SO HARD to make the pain go away that they miss the opportunity to GET BETTER & to GROW. If you find yourself repeating themes in your life like Bill Murray in Groundhogs Day, here's your sign. INSTEAD of avoiding pain, challenge, & struggle... 1. ACCEPT that pain, suffering, & hardship are facts of life. Feeling these things are signs you are ALIVE & not a psychopath (that's a good thing). You've done this before --- in a hard workout, WOD, competition - apply it to your life. 2. EMBRACE it. Sure it SUCKS, but embracing that feeling uncomfortable is a PART OF THE PROCESS shifts your perspective from trying to make the bad feeling stop TO being able to see BEYOND it. The FireBreathers GET THIS... they welcome that edge because they know the high they feel when they get beyond it. The satisfaction & confidence from prevailing. You never know how strong you are until being strong is the only choice you have. Do you ever give yourself the choice? ^^^THIS is exactly what Joy of Lifting Radio will be ALL about - intentionally training yourself to thrive in the midst of chaos. Stay tuned 🎙.
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Women train their chest muscles too don't you know 💪🏻 It's a muscle group that I've noticed some of my female clients don't like training so much. Why I encourage all clients to train ALL muscle groups: If one muscle gets weaker or shorter, you may find you compensate for this imbalance or tension in other areas. So not only may you find your posture improves by training ALL your muscle groups but you are likely to increase overall stability around the joint (in this case, shoulder) as well. Added bonus eh?!
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Martha's squat progress! Such a wonderful, inspirational woman. Being blind doesn't hold her back at all. Always on the lookout for new challenges, she decided that she wanted to learn how to powerlift. I'm so proud of her progress... this back squat technique is phenomenal! We're working together to develop her deadlift now...such a technical movement it's a serious challenge but we're getting there! Watch this space. #blindtraining #blindbodybuilder #ladieswholift #nevergiveup #nothingholdsmeback #surreyquays #deptford
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Couple PT group working on over head presses & chin ups 👊🏻 That’s us done for Easter! Back Monday 7PM For Spin & Circuits! Have a great weekend everyone! Enjoy your Easter Eggs! 🐣 👌🏻 #kevinmcguckinpersonaltraining #kpadvancedfitnesspomeroy #shoulderpress #pullups #ladieswholift #couplesgoals #easter
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Have a great weekend everyone! 💙 Phil’s just here getting his last session in before the Easter eggs 🎉🤣🍫
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Dear Beautiful Person, Stand tall and proud.. Sink your roots deeply into Earth.. Reflect the light of a greater source.. Think long term.. Go out on a limb.. Remember your place among all living beings.. Embrace with joy the changing seasons For each yields its own abundance.. The energy of Earth and Spring.. The growth and contentment of Summer.. The wisdom to let go of leaves in Fall.. The rest and renewal quiet of Winter.. Feel the wind and the sun.. And delight in their presence.. Look up at the moon that shines down upon you And the mystery of stars at night.. Seek nourishment from the good things in life.. Simple pleasures.. Earth, fresh air, light.. Be content with your natural beauty.. Drink plenty of water.. Let your limbs sway and dance in the breezes.. Be flexible.. Remember your roots.. Enjoy the view!! -IIan Shamir Happy Saturday, Beautiful Souls 💗✨
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I’m posting this particular pic today as it shows how much my waist has expanded, that’s a mixture of Progesterone but I’ve played my part in it too with the damn chocolate. _ So earlier I’m sat in the garden with shorts on, legs white as snow with cellulite caused by applying Estrogel twice a day on inner thighs feeling FAT... then I started my deadlifts and felt strong and couldn’t give a monkeys again. @rcmorton I have been doing RDL’s as per your advice re strengthening my grip by doing Dead’s is awesome, I found it makes me use my core more and I can easily lift heavier this way. Compared to where I’ve been in this Menopause I’m so bloody grateful to be training again. _ For me being strong and healthy is the most important thing now. _ I’ve trained through stomach cramps again today but nowhere near as bad is it was last month. Off to shower now then get my Barnet cut, can’t wait! _ #deadlifts #rdls #strongwoman #strengthtraining #lifter #ladieswholift #summervibes #hormones #menopause #fitover50 #bloat #bloatedbelly #curves #protein #gains #burn #hair #bicepsworkout
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This just made me 😂
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