Dear Nigerians🇳🇬, In every four (4) years, there's always an opportunity to decide who will preside over the state's economy and affairs, and decisions I strongly believe comes along with it's consequences (i.e we will bear the consequences of a minute decision in four years.) So Now is the time, the system was created in such a way that it gives us the power to decide. So now it's left to us, who we will choose to head the country affairs from the 'numerous options' (I believe that even if it's you alone, standing for the right thing is worth it.). Here is another opportunity, there's a place for 'Faith' and another place for 'Work'. Don't Deceive Yourself! Go out and Vote. Don't sell your Vote. Vote Wisely. Your vote can change the future. Your Vote is your Power. Your Vote is your Voice. Use it Wisely! #VoteWisely #VotenotFight #Dontsellyourvote #Powerof1 #NewNigeria Remember Decisions come along with Consequences. @thefemialao 📸@drem_photography 🖥@official_m.k_sax @inecnigeria @official2baba @feladurotoye
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No matter how many times the elections are postponed,let all garner whatever Strength and faith we have left in our Nation and stand to vote right..A vote for a change,A vote not propel by personal gain but a vote for the betterment of the masses and the advancement of our dearly beloved Country in due remembrance of our born/unborn children,the sacrifice of the Arm forces,the mortality due to our poor health sector,the starvation of our Mothers and the empty pockets/bank accounts of our fathers,Sisters,brothers,our Businesses...Your Vote is all we have Left ..Stand for Something!! Let the Sacrifice of our heroes past and present not be in vain. 1 vote matter. Your Vote Matters...CHANGE BEGINS WITH TRUE PATRIOTISM. #dontsellyourvote #voteyourcorevalues #nigeriadecides2019 #votewisely #inec #patriotism #nigerianelection2019 #nigeriaelections #nigerdelta
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Repost.......@adaba889fm Katsina records state with highest percentage of PVC collection,while Lagos and Kano States are with the highest number of voters in that order, as released by @inecnigeria#preparation #topgear #thedieisalmostcast😀 or is it cast already???😂 #lessthan48hourstogo #nigeriadecides #dontsellyourvote #votecounts #votevotevote #shun #violence @voterightnetwork @votenotfight @youthambsofnigeria
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My fellow Nigerians,fans,friends and families.on Saturday 23rd Feb 2019 by grace of God we we be having our general election.i urge you all to go out en mass and excise your right to vote and be voted for by voting any candidate of your choice.pls vote according to your concience,pls vote wisely. Plsssssss VOTE NOT FIGHT BIKO👐👐👐👐👐👐👐👐👐👐👐👐👐👐👐👐👐👐👐👐 #votenotfight (1)Stop snatching of ballot box cuz is against the electoral law and our president has given a matching order to the police and army to be ruthless to any one found doing such.the president talkam say that pesin go pay with his life oh.pls my fellow youths if them send you tell them say as their life and their sons and daughters life the sweet them,na so your own life the sweet you oh. (2)don't sell your fellow Nigerians you don't have any excuse to give,that it's the reason why you sell your vote.your vote is like your birth right.and is only a fool that can try fellow Nigerians even your unborn children we be angry with you for commiting such atrocity by selling your right cuz of money tufikwa over my dead body I can't try right is my right weather poor or rich and is same thing with you don't even try such in your dream if you dream and see such pls pray harder with 7weeks fasting and also ask your pastor and church members to join you cuz it's a taboo(aruu) #dontsellyourvote. Support the movement by sharing it. From yur boi D-JAGs(de cronner of GIVE ME VAS)
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Thank God is election , vote wisely #dontsellyourvote
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I'm not usually the guy that considers politics as a major subject of discussion but I don't know if you can see what I'm seeing... this man is All we've been praying for.. Vote wisely.. that's all I have to say. . . P.s- this is my opinion.. keep your contrary opinions to your page.. #votewisely #dontsellyourvote #feladurotoye
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Less than 48 hrs! #february23 Vote for the SDP senatorial Candidate, Dr.Johnson Somadina Anene #votewisely #voterightly #dontsellyourvote #nigeriansenate #nigerianelections2019 #NigeriaDecides #fct#fctte2019 #gwagwalada #bwari #kuje #abaji #kwali #abuja #fct
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