Thousands mark 14th week of France's 'yellow vest' protests⠀ #YellowVests #France #Protests #Democracy
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Protests in Haiti, Like France’s Yellow Vests, Threaten Oligarchic Structure⠀ #Haiti #Protests #CivilUnrest #Elites #YellowVests #Democracy
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WANNA KNOW A SECRET? The ’60 MINUTES’ interview with former acting FBI director, Andrew McCabe was chilling. McCabe is a lifelong Republican with a sterling 21-year career at the FBI until Trump fired him a few days before he was due to collect his pension. McCabe is no longer with the FBI or even a government employee. He’s now an author, writing a book, a memoir, “THE THREAT: HOW THE FBI PROTESTS AMERICA IN THE AGE OF TERROR AND TRUMP.’ The NPR book review says “THE THREAT’ may be the darkest vision of the Trump Presidency yet. . McCabe describes the remarkable number of Trump-Russia Contacts. He says that the evidence special counsel Robert Mueller has made public to date is “incredibly persuasive. He told CNN’s Anderson Cooper that he believes it’s possible that President Donald Trump is a Russian asset. It’s pretty scary that Trump has access to all our most sensitive information. For once, I have to say, I’m glad the man doesn’t read and has a bad memory. . We know Trump has leaked sensitive top secret information before to world leaders he was trying to impress in the Oval, handing out secrets like canapes’ on a silver platter. We know that Mueller’s probe has already resulted indictments and plea deals of just about anyone of importance around Trump and his campaign, including Russian agents. And we know that everyone from Trump to Flynn to Sessions and more have lied about their dealings with Russians. . Trump not only denigrates every security institution we have and he accepts Putin’s word over that of his own security people. When confronted with disturbing information on North Korea’s nuclear program, Trump actually said, “I don’t care. I believe Putin. In the last very private meeting Trump had with Putin in Hamburg, Trump confiscated the notes taken by the Russian note-taker. . There’s so much we don’t know and won’t know until the Mueller report is complete. But when the top people in the FBI use the words, Russian asset to describe Trump, I think it’s about time we started thinking about the word, “treason.” @blueravenartist
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because of his Nazi rhetoric At his rallies the crowds have taken to beating up journalists because of his Nazi rhetoric Hate crimes are up 300 #Fak# nationalism 2018 Bush’s economic collapse The evening of #Obams’s victory and swearing in every Republican leader gathered for a steak dinner and they swore up-and-down to block this Black Democratic President on anything and everything he brings to the table. The caveat was we are a family and nothing leaves The family. That line was hurt again -An #imperial presidency #checks and #balance America still suffering sticker shock for Trump/Putin victory Manafort associate /employee # Konstantin Kilimnik is in Russian Intelligence (spy) did Manafort know > fuck yes Republicans >. Stockholm syndrome Trump syndrome /when your rich born > crime your way to the top #facebooks pursuit of plutocratic extremism has resulted in eroding the West at record speed. Zuckerberg and Facebook are an EXISTENTIAL THREAT to #DEMOCRACY The Gates of Hell in Derweze, Turkmenistan# don’t wait for the ovens #Border Concentration camps #rage #tweet #Reckless #treason #Irr#Irresponsible #Cri#Criminal #Bre#Breadlines Brought to you by #Alt#Alt-Right #Chr#Christian #Fun#Fundamentalistckless #Irresponsible #Criminal #Breadlines Brought to you by #Alt-Right #Christian #Fundamentalist Democrats The more the merrier. Let them all run the tougher the winner
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Australian Army officer conducting training to the south Vietnamese soldiers, Australian Army are the best counter insurgency fighters since the Malaysia uprise in the 1950’s. #vietnam #usa #Australia #malaysia #usarmy #saigon #war #politics #freedom #veterans #democracy #training #weapons #army
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