Little 5x5 today! #deadlift #lifting
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@dumbbellsndisasters We lift.. No matter how tough life gets we get tougher.. I'm so glad shes here she pushes me she makes me smile she encourages and motivates... #flexfriday #deadlift #swolemate #bamf
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Late night session. 10x1 @ 405 with 60 sec rest. Kinda like cardio if ya think about it #ironmafia #strength #fitness #dadbod #deadlift #RACstrong
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Her PR is 325 and she just pulled 330 for fucking 4 reps. My 57 getting me hyped for collegiates 🔥🔥🔥 #Repost @samanthahaha_ • • • • • 150kg/330lbsx4 huge PR for me 🥵Crazy what changing your mentality on a lift can do for you 🌚😭 - That first one almost slipped from my hand 🥴
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Follow- up from the last deadlift post. . I kept the weight constant and focused on the form and recommendations made. (1) focus on weighting the entire foot, esp in the lift section (practice by setting a box-bench/something to keep your calves flesh against) and (2) reset/ take a breath between each rep. . This is my last set, so I could show what it is in a tired state. I hunk I’m holding the bar crooked? 🤷‍♀️. The earlier sets don’t look crooked, but I’m not sure if it’s the camera angle or not. . Thoughts? Advice on form? What are folks thoughts on weight belts? . #crowdsourcing #deadlift #womenwholift
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