Simply known as Mohamed, an army officer, and a contact, see his response to my #arm#armedforcesremembranceday wishes. Moving and heartwarming. "The only easy day was yesterday. Today is a good day." #armedforcesremembranceday #nigerianarmy #nigeriannavy #nigerianairforce #nigerianmilitary #militaryintelligence #warriors #noeasyday
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#ifmPictureSpeaks: Mr President X Senate President exchange pleasantries at the #armedforcesremembranceday2019 yesterday in Abuja . #yourno1familyradio๐Ÿ“ป
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On this day, we honour the heroes who have dedicated their lives to keeping our country safe. Thank you for all you do. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . #stanbicsupports #armedforcesremembranceday #armedforcesremembranceday2019 #photooftheday
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At the 2019 #ArmedForcesRemembranceDay, I urged Nigerians not to take for granted the price fallen heroes paid to ensure the countryโ€™s indivisibility. The day is a solemn event to remember those who fought to keep the country together. We should not forget everyday of our lives either as politicians, public servants and citizens that a price was paid for our unity. We have institutional arrangements on ground to support welfare of families of fallen heroes, as well as that of Legionnaires. The Nigerian government can do more within the limits of available resources. #ArmedForcesRemembranceDay2019
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According to a piece that I saw on the Vanguard, "The Armed Forces Remembrance Day used to be celebrated on 11th November every year, which, throughout the world, is known as the Armistice Day, commemorating the end of the First World War. But, with the formal end of the Nigerian Civil War as a result of the surrender of the Biafran secessionists on 15th January 1970, the date was changed to mark the restoration of the unity of the country." So even though I missed it yesterday, today I join other Nigerians to salute our living and fallen heroes, particularly at this moment when the security and territorial integrity of Nigeria are being undermined on various fronts Kudos to the military ladies who went around selling the emblem. I'd seen them at the domestic wing of Lagos airport last December but really didn't take time to stop and buy. Then earlier this month as we arrived Lagos, the baby of the house Josey stopped and bought one with his pocket money. I was overwhelmed with joy for that awesome gesture. So on our way back to Benin hubby decided that we should buy five more for the rest of us. Though I don't always remember to wear it, I am glad that I have it. For your gallantry and sacrifices I pray God's blessings on all members of the Nigerian Armed forces and their families. God bless you all. #armedforcesremembranceday #armedforcesremembranceday2019 #salutetoourarmedforces #remember #Godblessourarmedforces #GodblessNigeria #nigeriagosurvive ๐Ÿ‡ณ๐Ÿ‡ฌ๐Ÿ‡ณ๐Ÿ‡ฌ
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Yesterday was the armed forces remembrance day, in honour of our fallen heroes who paid the ultimate prize to defend this nation. We can't thank them enough. #ivoryng #armedforcesremembranceday2019 #fallenheroes #nigerianarmy #nigeriannavy #nigerianairforce
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It's Armed Forces Remembrance Day. We celebrate our fallen soldiers who fought courageously and gallantry for the nation. #ArmedForcesRemembranceDay #ArmedForcesRemembranceDay2019 - #Ambsam
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Today we remember fallen heroes. Let's not forget what they died for. Let's not forget what we should live for. Let's not be distracted... Let's not be distabilized... Let's not be distraught... Let's stand strong and look ahead... Let's act as one nation for our nation. Let's remember... It's one month away. #armedforcesremembranceday2019 #electionday2019 #thetruthbyRuth
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