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My first cooking tutorial is now up on my blog and YouTube. Links in bio!
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Igbo class is going on this Saturday! Bia su Igbo!! #igbo #igboclass
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The Girl is Clean but the Snickers made her stand out. Follow @shop_ag_collections For your Snickers.
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See person pikin see as she FINE
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@ginapaige provides some amazing information at the Finding your Wakanda forum held at UAB . She gave a presentation on exactly what @africanancestry is and has to offer. They use the worlds largest database of African DNA lineages to determine your country and ethnic group of origin, all with a simple swab of your cheek. Not only was this forum full of knowledge but the event brought out @elementandvibe with apparel befitting for the occasion . Knowledge is Power and Collaboration is Key We must continue to support and bring awareness in every way possible! DO YOU KNOW YOUR LINEAGE? #african #ghana #igbo #africanamericanmillionaires #millenials
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