When beginning to understand astrology or the zodiac signs, It is important to understand the elements associated with each sign. 🔥The Fire Signs of the Zodiac include 🔥 ARIES ♈️ - LEO ♌️ - SAGITTARIUS♐️ Fire signs have a powerful and confident aura. Typically very adventurous 🧗🏽‍♂️,BOLD and energetic🤸🏽‍♂️! Enjoying the heat and warmer weather these fire signs find life and a way to recharge as they look to the sun and fire🌞. Usually competitive🤼‍♀️, outgoing🚵🏽‍♀️ and passionate 🔥 - - - - - #fir#firesigns #aries #leo #sagittarius #passion #fire #leadership #astrology #zodiac #zodiacsigns #theelements
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Do not seek love ... BE LOVE so that you will never be without it 🖤 #liv#liveentic #live #love #laugh #freespirit #aries
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I love the way you talk that talk boy You build a world with every word you say I knew I was gonna fall for you boy I was all in before a memory was made Darling I am young enough, I know Im dumb Dumb enough to throw my heart in And I know we're growing up and life is rough But love at any cost is a bargain It's quite the bargain I've never been more at home At a house or a hotel So let's take our time on this road Nowhere to be, just you and me Needing nothing. Flow with the breeze, we're fancy free Ain't we honey? Wherever we are, that's where we are kind of loving You and I, made a life, a paradise. 🖤♾⛈
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