REPOST @luciapicaofficial ❤️ ♏️ Embrace your shadows dear Scorpio ! Full horoscope below ⬇️ SCORPIO 💥 💫 Scorpio, on this day dedicated to passion, the color red will be to Scorpios what white is to the Inuit: an ocean of possibilities. Keep your eyes wide open. Today, your quest for depth could lead you to your chosen one. But not if you don’t dive into water. STYLO YEUX WATERPROOF in Eros should help you. Don’t be timid with the application. The intensity of its rich metallic burgundy will reflect the undiluted ardor that simmers within you.
Then, like a certain Southwestern American painter born under the sign of Scorpio whose oversized close-ups of flowers verge on abstraction — intriguing the eye of the beholder — you too could make this discovery: I found I could say things with color that I couldn't say any other way. And if your Valentine isn’t intrigued by this color, you can always change Valentines.
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#Repost @luciapicaofficial @get_reposter Don’t give up any passion dear Aquarius ! Full horoscope below ⬇️ 🌚 🌟 Aquarius, life has more imagination than you do. When you wake up, meditate upon this thought from a venerated filmmaker, who signed the French New Wave declaration of birth in 1954. Also born under the sign of Aquarius, and a free spirit like you, he never gave up the fire of love nor the wind of freedom that powers every great endeavor. Aquarius, it’s time to invent the future. I recommend ROUGE ALLURE LIQUID POWDER in Avant-Gardiste during this adventure. Don’t renounce any grandeur. Don’t give up any passion. You are an idealist. This Valentine’s Day might be the day that you find the ideal. Embark to Cythera without looking back. And if you miss the boat, remember the words of Hannibal: I will either find the way or make one.
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#Repost @luciapicaofficial @get_reposter Believe in your power of attraction dear Pisces ! Full horoscope below ⬇️ PISCES ⚡️ ✨ Pisces, you are about to conduct an experiment that the legendary physicist Sir Isaac Newton described in these words: When two forces unite, their efficiency doubles. Uniting forces of ROUGE COCO GLOSS in Caractère, with a top coat of ROUGE COCO GLOSS in Excitation will double the efficiency of your power of attraction. Pass me the bread. This commonplace phrase uttered during lunch on Valentine’s Day will be charged with a seductive pull that will surprise even you, my dear Pisces. As for those who might feel spurned in favor of more exciting prey, don’t fall for the line. And remember this adage: The bone is the fish’s revenge.
ROUGE COCO GLOSS N°766 Caractère
ROUGE COCO GLOSS Top Coat N°774 Excitation
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Mi horóscopo de belleza para este #Valentines ❤️♉️💄 por @luciapicaofficial de 💁🏻‍♀️ Como yo lo celebro hoy, se los comparto por aquí #ALLYOUNEEDISRED #CHANELHOROSCOPE #CREATEYOURSELF 💃🏻#chanelbeauty
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On this Valentine’s day, all you need is Red💄! @luciapicaofficial , Global Creative Makeup and Colour Designer of Chanel is giving her #chanelhoroscope predictions on 🔮. Head over to check out the prediction for your sign ~💫 . For all Capricorn girls like me, nothing is better than a classic red Rouge Allure lip colour to add more attack for your conquest ☺️ #ALLYOUNEEDISRED #CREATEYOURSELF #CHANELBEAUTY #CHANELMAKEUP
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