Everything from day 1 is a challenge. Everything is a choice. I’m not saying from day 1 of your fitness journey, I’m talking first breath day 1. Walking, reading, eating... everything we start without knowing how to do is a challenge. If you want something bad enough, the challenge is worth the work. Challenge yourself every day to be who you want to be, to do what you want to do. Learn to love to challenge yourself, the rest will follow. Beating yourself up for things you can not change will never amount to anything. Why did I become a personal trainer? Because I’ve been there, regretting every cookie, guilt eating more. I know how it feels to be told you’re not over 6/10 so a boy won’t talk to you. I get it. I want to help. I want to be the coach I never had. Whether you’re in Newport or online, my clients get my full commitment to them. Sometimes you need a little help to believe in yourself. You are not alone. • • • • • • • #fitness #fitnessinstagram #personaltrainer #girlswholift #underarmor #nike #gym#gymlife #VSsport #gymselfie #sweatitforthewedding #fitnesstrainer #NASM #tra#transformation #weightloss #AFAA #gym #sir#siriusfitness #applewatchhealth #cardio #weighttraining #BBG#BBG #newportrhodeisland #pulsegym #wheresyourpulse #newyear #siriusfitness #whole30 #BBG #12weekchallenge #transformation
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The journey isn't always easy! The outcome is what you make it, and the process is something to be proud of👌 ⁣⁣ I'm currently #3weekspostop from breast #explant and couldn't be happier with the decision my husband and I made. Once we learnt of the cancer associated with breast implants and the links to autoimmune diseases it was a #nobrainer⁣⁣ ⁣⁣ I'm currently still in pain and not at my physical best, hence the photo from 3 weeks ago. I'm not posting this because I want sympathy. I'm simply sharing the honest truth, (because that's what I do). My brain and thinking feel exceptional and incredibly clear. I haven't woken up feeling weird headaches or brain fog that linger and I'm LOVING the feel of my natural b cup boobies again! Now, my physical pain isn't peaches and rainbows, 🌈damn!! My side boob muscles are sore and some days feel like there's a bushfire in my armpits. I had a ton of muscle repair as the muscles they had to cut to put the implants in needed to be fixed. The CRAZY part of all this is, every massage therapist I've had over the years has said "your muscles around your side ribs and upper back are doing something weird". I honestly never connected the mid/upper back pain to my implants. Yup, that makes me feel and sound stupid, actually I never connected anything to implants🤦‍♀️. Not once did I think "oh, maybe it's my breast implants". I just put everything down to aging😔 ⁣ I'm giving myself one more week of dinosaur arms🦖 aka limited movement then I'm going to start doing some light rehab movements. If you don't like posts about boobs, recovery, workouts, and food I'm eating then #warning unfollow now😜 Follow @breast_implant_illness if you want to get all the updates from around the world🌍
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BBG beauty @squatsandscrubs_bbg progress 💪💝. Beautiful in both pictures! .......... Don’t forget to tag [ @bbg.inspos ] in your progress photos 💕
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5:30am | 9:30am | 4pm | 5:30pm | 7pm | 8:30pm Classes are on 🔥 Keep up all the hard work people. There’s really no excuse for you NOT to train. Classes all day bae! 🙊 #CrossFit #Wodlife #Bootcamp #Fitspo #Fitspiration #Health #WellBeing #Change #12WeekChallenge @mosesauvale @teejauvale2 @elverinaauvale @mojoriteft @one.p.b @supplementyourhealth @rawfudgepower @trueprotein @bindis22
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Hoy tocó patinar👏👏#sweat #12weekchallenge
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