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Over the last 3 days I had the pleasure of hosting a song camp with some of the best music makers in the world. I want to thank the @secretgenius team for their genuine passion and their initiative to put a spotlight on the people behind the music. A special big thanks to my bro @Pk since83 for all his hard work and sincerity. I don’t hold him or any his team accountable for corporate decisions made at a higher level. With that said, I find it really disappointing to see a company like @spotify not support the people behind the songs that make their business model possible. We as creators sacrifice so much for our art and it’s disheartening to see the lack of respect from a billion dollar company that profits from our work. @Spotify please do what’s right and drop your appeal. This is a direct attack on the people who make your platform possible. We need to do better than “business as usual”.
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Made this one with the bros @louisbellmusic @thisiswatt
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Making new tunes. Possibly for your head top 😁@rivertiber @charlottedaywilson @secretgenius
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See ya tomorrow friends
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Had the honor of composing the music for this piece directed by Spike Jonze. Spike has been a hero of mine since way back in my skate days. It was such a full circle moment to work with him❤️❤️❤️
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@matthew__tavares vol 1 is live on the Kingsway site 💧💧💧
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