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Boxing is 90% psychological, the physical side has little to do with it. A trainer must motivate his fighter, during the minutes, hours and days of training camp, a trainer must make the fighter know, with absolute confidence, that he is the big dog in that ring. He’s gotta be mentally programmed to search and destroy without concern or limitation. The fighter must fully believe in his talent and abilities, he’s taught to be aggressive, but during the fight, it’s the trainers voice that gives the fighter his fuel to dominate, a mentally tough motivated fighter is nearly impossible to beat. @josephdiazjr demonstrated championship caliber on May 4, with dominant fashion, a great training camp and great performance, I’m happy to be part of it, Joseph you will be a WORLD CHAMPION🤝 @rafaelheredia7 @tonodiaz @nike @totallyinshane @wartapebrand @boxerrodz #boxeomexicano🇲🇽 #teamdiaz @smartini829
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This past Saturday, I had the privilege of being the chief second for @elbandido130 in his world title challenge against @alacranbercheltoficial. Unfortunately we didn’t get the result we wanted, Francisco is a former WBC super featherweight world champion, winning the title in an epic battle against Takashi Miura. He was seeking to recapture that title. Those fans who know him as a true Mexican warrior and champion giving everything he had in that ring. No challenge was to big, what fans don’t know about Bandido is the quality of man inside. A great family man, a mans of intense will to win, a man who would rather die in that ring than Quit under any circumstances, over the course of a training camp, a trainer becomes close to his fighters, it goes beyond professional relationship, the fighter becomes family, Bandido is family. For that reason, I take the responsibility for making sure that at the end of the day, as a trainer, the care and love for the fighter a man outweighs the competitive spirit the man has as a fighter. At the point and time the fighter needs to be protected from himself, I step in to protect the man from getting injured, Bandido, you fought with Honor, you are my family, despite falling short, I would have it any other way, you will always be a champion and it’s an honor to work with you🙏 @rafaelheredia7 @tonodiaz @nike @totallyinshane @smartini829 #boxeomexicano🇲🇽 #championforever🔥💯
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@elbandido130 ready for May 11 in Tucson, motivated to recapture his WBC title versus Miguel Berchelt, a disciplined fighter is a hungry fighter, 133 a week before his fight, more than ready, a professional fighter should show his hunger by his work and discipline, heres an example #hardwork #discipline💯 #teamwork @tonodiaz un boxeador con hambre lo demuestra con su diciplina, el hambre de sobresalir se demuestra en su trabajo, a una semana se su pelea solo 3 libras, listo para re capturar su título 👍 asi se demuestra el trabajo y la disciplina para llegar a campeón 🥊
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I came to the gym today and saw this on the board, totally agree @tonodiaz is the best trainer in the world! At least someone from many boxers that he trained gives him credit! His time away from his family, physical work in the gym for years, respect the work of a trainer and value their sacrifice! That’s called appreciation 🤝🙏 respect to who wrote this🤝 #respect #appreciate #value
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May 4 is a busy weekend for Team Diaz, @cubswanson ufc on espn from Ottawa Canada #killercub #heartoflion #warriorforlife @tonodiaz @nike @totallyinshane
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You’re team becomes part of your family 🙏 I will do everything from my part to help my fighters reach their goals🥊 @r_butaev @joeldiazjr
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Two future world champions welterweight @r_butaev and súper light weight @batyr_akhmedov Two strong elements of Team Diaz @vadimkteam @allik0 @tonodiaz @nike @totallyinshane
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Another day in the office with two members of team Diaz, @r_butaev scheduled to fight May 3 in Pennsylvania and @batyr_akhmedov at the Avalon in LA May 19. Thanks to my brother @tonodiaz for always being the biggest part of my team @allik0 @vadimkteam @nike @totallyinshane @wartapebrand @boxerrodz
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