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“I stand, I fall, I want it all I take, I break, I'm your mistake”
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Destination Unknown.
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My Best Friends. My Family. My Squad. ❤️
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Tonight. Riott vs. Rowdy #eliminationchamber
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I used to hate this holiday...turns out I still do. But this guy is pretty cool. @jakesomething27
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Do you hear yourself?! You think only YOU can give the world their first ever Wrestlemania Women’s Main Event? You think that somehow you’ve carried the #Wom#Wom#WomensEvolution on your back?! Get a grip! I have news for you! The #WomensEvolution doesn’t just INCLUDE us...The #RiottSquad IS the #WomensEvolution! We are and have been the change that the @wwe women’s division so desperately needs! So this Sunday, I’m gonna knock you unconscious, take your title, and finish your so called mission myself. @rondarousey
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“Give in to no one follow no scene Respond to no orders despondent to plea Feeling uneasy expect no relief Amidst a catastrophe” #EliminationChamber
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