Gente de Yucatán! Les tengo una dinámica, el día 22 de Febrero estaré en la inauguración del Armor Gym @armorgymoficial y me gustaría que me acompañaran, solo sigan los pasos de la foto y escogeremos a los mejores! Los veo en unos días, suerte a todos! 🤪🦅💙
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I don’t know who needs to hear this but things are going to get better you just going through this thing called life and it’s not always easy. You cry when no one is watching you put on a strong face all the time because your scared to be vulnerable. You try to be strong but the weight of the world is on your shoulders and yet all eyes are on you so your scared to look weak‼️ It’s ok not to be ok all the time but baby you got this❤️ keep pushing keep praying and keep blossoming🙏🏾😘 [Crd: @ChrisHampton_]
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where did you first heard about bts?
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Daria lo que fuera mami por volverte a ver 😏
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Breakfast is very important and you shouldn't skip it.✨🐶👍✨おはまる〜 朝ごはんはしっかり食べてね。元気モリモリになるよ〜 #まるは1日2食 #朝と夜 #夜ご飯まだかなぁ🤤 #楽しみすぐる #炒り卵ご飯
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🇫🇷 Victoire 5x1! Bravo, bravo et bravo les gars, on continue sur le bon chemin. 👏🏽 . 🇧🇷 Vitoria 5a1! Coisa linda rapaziada, continuando no caminho certo. 👏🏽 #IciCestParis #AllezPSG
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