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💥The body is truly amazing. At 44, I can’t believe I can do this stuff.💥I was never a gymnast or dancer or even tried to handstand until the age of 37. With doctor diagnosis’ of #fibromyalgia, #carpaltunnel, and #herniateddiscs, I pretty much thought I’d NEVER do things like this. ⠀ Depression gripped me, and I’d all but given up until one day I thought “what if I just tried?” ⠀ Here I am a new creation. Never give up on yourself or your dream of a better life (physical, mental or emotional). We can do amazing things that we don’t even know are possible. ⠀ So, when do you want to start believing in the IMpossible? ⠀ If I can change, anyone can.🙏🏻 ⠀ PS: I’ve been obsessed with the #PuppyPress 🐶 handstand lately. Should I do a tutorial on it? ⠀ 👉🏻 Full Yoga, Core & Handstand Programs on my Playbook App!👈🏻 Link in bio. ⠀ #youcan #changeispossible #yogi #handstandpractice #puppypresshandstand #questforthepress #handstandclinic
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Done with work. Now enjoying the beautiful scenery of this incredible place. I’m in an amazing historical farm in the area of Mangaratiba. You should definitely visit when on vacation in Rio. Have a wonderful evening everyone! • • • #adamasztalos #malemodel - #microinfluencer ••••• LOCATION #fazendaongaiba #mangaratiba #costaverde #riodejaneiro🇧🇷 ••••• FEATURES #darkblond #bigblueeyes #bighands #hairylegs ••••• WEARING #summerpolo by @jetlag_europe - #khakishorts by @calvinklein ••••• POST RELATED HASHTAGS #ilovecostaverde #waterfallsofinstagram
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“That’s Why They Mad” official video out RIGHT NOW!!!!! LINK IN MY BIO 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 like , share , comment and repost.... tell a Biggs wat u think !!! 💯💪🏽 #oakcliffamerica🇱🇷
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Impacted tooth surgery 😷😍. This video show the surgical extraction of a lingually impacted sup that was very close to the nerve. When removing these impactions care should be taken to avoid injuring the lingual nerve. Surgical extraction performed by @dr.aminreza.chalabinlu.
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Playing footsy with my best friends best friend 😇
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miss her part 5361881 —— wbk that I love the best character uwu <333 —— for justine, tori, rida, frida, lena, emma, fatima, victor, amali, ibrahim, monica, ema, gwladys, ioana, yasmine & nevin uwu ac svpergold 16 480 #annecult #avonleasofties
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Happy Monday 👐🏼 The @womensbest sale is live! Up to 50% off & 5 free gifts with each order 🎉 (I recommend fruit fusion & blue rasp bcaas, coconut & strawberry protein bars, as well as vanilla vegan protein 🌱) you can find a direct link to the sale on my stories! Now for the workout: -flutter kicks 30-40 seconds -weighted in & outs 12-15 reps -sit up with a russian twist 8-12 reps I’ll usually throw in a circuit like this at the end of my upper body focused days (about twice a week) & repeat it 3-4 times! #abs#absout #abs #abscircuit #abworkout #workout #upperbodyworkout
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